(150801) Hi EXOL! This is Xing_Baozi!

Hi ‪#‎EXOL‬ ! This is Xing_Baozi. Please give us a minute to read ‪#‎Wuyifan‬ studio weibo update. This is ‪#‎Kris‬ explanation on why he left the group. They released the statement after SM filed a litigation case against Kris and the other parties. Here is the original update in Chinese and the other one is the translation in English. At the end of the day, these are the reasons why we stick with Kris after all this time. Have a good day! Thank you.



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[ XING_BAOZI (兴包子) HEAD ADMIN] We’re On Hiatus! #hiatus #takingabreak

Due to very busy work schedules and personal reasons, the head admins would like to take a very long hiatus in updating the pages. It has been a long time since we had our updates about Xiumin and Lay after the issues with Kris and EXO 11. We would like to say sorry for everyone who have liked the pages including our beloved admins on facebook page. We would still proceed to support EXO especially Yixing and Minseok but as individual fans. So, if ever we would like to send gifts to them, we couldn’t pursue group projects already just like what we did with Xiumin’s birthday. I’m very sorry.

【EXO LINE STICKERS】Lay (140606) and Xiumin (140608) #xiulay

☞ cr. 饭菜君 ; OliV_xoxo – take out w/ full credits-


☞ cr. 饭菜君 ; OliV_xoxo – take out w/ full credits-


【FOR ALL EXO FANS LIKE US】About EXO’s presscon tomorrow 140525

【FOR ALL EXO FANS LIKE US】About EXO's presscon tomorrow 140525

见自石清水 “When the water is purified, the stones are revealed.”

Tomorrow, we will know the official stand of EXO OT11 about the issue. But remember, it’s only their side. We haven’t heard Kris’ side. So, we are pleading for all your understanding.Please be open-minded and refrain yourselves from bashing Wu Yi Fan or the 11 guys without knowing BOTH SIDES. No matter what the guys think about him, we must all accept the truth and move on. But it doesn’t mean that we will forget the wonderful 2 years with Kris and EXO OT11. Harsh comments and grudges will not do something in this world.

When everything clears up, the truth emerges.



Remember the first time you stepped on the stage together? Remember the first time you won awards and made a big name in the music scene? Remember the first time you heard the screaming of your supporters not just in Korea and China but all around the world? What has gone wrong? Why everything seems to be falling into pieces?

It’s hard for fans like us to take sides because we love and support you as twelve members… AND IT WILL LAST FOREVER EVEN ONE IS NOT AROUND!

Kris left the company. But does it mean that he also forgets EXO and your brotherhood out of nowhere? Maybe, I don’t know Wu Yi Fan’s reasons. But one thing is for sure, He left the company because he has rights, he has his own freedom and he has his own valid reason. That’s for sure.

We are selfish too if we let him stay even though his heart is shredding to death just because we want all 12 to be on stage performing and making remarkable chart-topping hits and sales. It’s not all about that. As much as we want to see you to be complete OT12 on stage, it’s more painful to see your more than a year friendship and your brotherhood gone in just an instant.

Emotions might be very strong at this early stage of the issue but don’t let hateful words make you regret in the end.

Try listening and reaching out to each other first. Your slogan “EXO We Are One” is more than the number of members standing on stage.You can be OT12 without standing on the same stage.It’s hard but we must accept it.

Let each of your minds and hearts heal and reflect for a while. We will wait for a much better and much stronger EXO. We want you all to be happy. We want to save your strong bond. That’s the greatest gift for us fans rather than showing to us your fake smiles and soulless performances.

Rest assured that we will stay with all of you- 12 members forever! EXO 사랑해요… stay strong! We will all wait for you guys~

– XING_BAOZI (兴包子)-

【140413 #EXO English Translations】Lay Weibo Post + Official Website + Yixing Mom’s Weibo

All Trans Reposted from our facebook page:

Lay weibo post: (140413) eng trans #Yixing refers this to fans worrying about him getting injured today
trans: Admin Yixingshielaelishaexoxo 
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140413 Lay Weibo : Yixing’s mom reposted Lay’s post — English translations on the pic  mother’s love 

trans by: Admin Yixingshielaelishaexoxo


140413 From Lay : Website Post (trans on the photo)

[It’s the same with his weibo post. He just added Korean and Japanese trans. He assured Xingmi’s that he’s okay after he got injured during the Growl perf in Day 3 Session 2 of Hello Japan fanmeet. His mom reposted his weibo saying that she’s worried too.]

please take everything with proper credits

【140411 #EXO #XiuLay】’Overdose’ MV Teaser and Xiumin/Lay Screencaps









Trans:  【Admin Shienashinxoxo】 



Sr: JJCC @officialjjcc Trans: @Shienashinxoxo

【140409 #EXO #LAY WEIBO UPDATE TRANS】Yixing reposted Li Weijia’s (Happy Camp’s MC) weibo post about his book.

【140409 #EXO #LAY WEIBO UPDATE TRANS】Yixing reposted Li Weijia's  (Happy Camp's MC) weibo post about his book.


English Trans by: YixingShielaElisha  of @xingbaozi_trans 





[From.KRIS] Hi my name is Kris

Thank you for all the support of EXO fans.
We will continue to strive to reach greater heights.
I like each of you and it will not change.
Happy second anniversary EXO.

Thank you so much for always been there for two years. We will work harder in the future! We’ll create a history! Happy two years!

Shout out to all the Exo fans from around the world. You guys are amazing. Without you guys, Exo will not be made possible. We will keep up the hard work. We won’t let you down. Happy 2 years.


[From. XIUMIN] This is EXO XIUMIN.

We are one!!
Hello. This is two-year older Xiumin.
What do we celebrate on April 8? EXO’s second debut anniversary??
It’s not~~ When the fans meet us *aegyo cry* it’s the day EXO was born.
As the time passed by, EXO has grown up!
During that time, you fans have watched us, cheered us up and loved us.
Thanks for your overwhelming love, EXO seems to grow up quickly and healthy.
Alway thanks^^
To pay you back, I will always do my best to be more awesome, cooler and have a better look.
So! We are preparing so hard for this album!
Are you ready to meet our new look?
We, EXO, want to meet you as soon as possible~>.<
So, let’s shout together and promise to meet soon?
“We are one! EXO Saranghaja”


[From. LAY] Hello Everyone!

Time flies so very fast!
It’s actually our 2nd year anniversary. I’m very happy and very grateful.
Reminiscing the day of our debut, April 8 and now are greatly different.
But you remain on our side, thank you. I’m really thankful on your support.
We are still the same, we will strive hard to not let you down.
In this joyful 2 years anniversary, I hope all of your wishes will come true and good luck.
I hope you’ll let us be in your heart and hope you are behind us.


Xiumin brother, the trend! hahahaha



































[From. LUHAN]Hi, this is Luhan.

In a blink of an eye, it’s already been two years since our debut. Time flies so really fast.
I’ve been through a lot these two years! I learned a lot. I’m really thankful!
I will work harder! I will strive hard to improve more and make myself to be perfect to fit the person worth your love. I love you. EXO Fighting!



















[From. CHEN] Hi there. This is EXO Chen.

Hi there. This is EXO Chen.
Today is our second year anniversary since our debut!
I received greetings from lots of people so I’m feeling great too ^^
Are you having a fun day today?
The time is running out today. So, I hope you’ll feel warm.
This will be the same tomorrow too!!!

It’s already two years but it seems not real yet.
When I reminisce the memories with fans on those two years, it was really joyful. I love you ^ ^

We will continue to make happy memories in the future, right?
And to the members I’ve been running together for two years!!!!
Luhan-hyung, Xiumin-hyung, Kris-hyung, Suho, Lay, Chanyeol, Baekhyunnie, D.O., Tao, Kai, Sehun , thank you and I love you.

EXO Saranghaja!!!!!!!!



































[From. TAO] Hi I’m EXO Tao.

I will always love you and I would like to thank each and everyone of you for loving EXO.
I love you forever. To those who send love to EXO, thank you very much.
































[From. SUHO] Suho Leader and guardian of EXO

Hello. This is Suho, the guardian leader of EXO.

EXO debuted and it’s been like 2 years already.
For two years, lots of things really happened.

We shared joy, sadness and inspiring moments together.
For two years, every moment was very happy.
Two years to 20 years to 50 years, I want to be with you forever.
I sincerely love my members and fans.
I hope my heart will get through in your hearts
Once again, thank you and I love you
WE ARE ONE, refurbished everyday, EXO Saranghaja!
















[From. D.O.] Hi, this is EXO DO.

Hello. This is DO of EXO.
I trully congratulate EXO for the second debut anniversary. My heartfelt gratitude for loving us, EXO.
The weather is getting much warmer.
But it becomes colder at night, so be careful not to catch a cold.
In our comeback concert, we will show you a better sides of us.
Please look forward to it- Thank you. Always be happy. We (Us).























[From. KAI] Your EXO-Kai.

Hello. This is your Kai. Today’s a special day for us.
Can you believe that it’s EXO’s second year anniversary already?

Kai,once again, felt that the time has gone so very fast.
Kicking off with MAMA on April 8, 2012 at ‘Inkigayo’ until last year with Growl, we went through and surpassed a lot of things quickly with you and I feel proud.

During difficult memories, as well as the joy of receiving awards, we had it all together.
With fans, I’m always happy and feel that I can surpass everything, thinking that it’s just a dream sometimes.

If it’s a dream , I don’t want to be awaken and wish that the night of dreaming is longer than the other days.

Those previous two years have been too precious time for Kai.
The road you are walking with me.
It may be rocky and we may wander back, but if you are having fun, please walk with me in the future~

ps. I went from our China’s schedule and the fan’s cheer sounds really awesome. I hope your throat who suffered a lot doesn’t hurt. Yap.




















[From. SEHUN] Hi, I’m EXO’s maknae Sehun.

wauuurooror-uuuuuyehet~ohoooororohohohorararat~~~yaaaaaang goreo jwigo reo jwigo reojwi ~ ~ ~ ~

EXO second anniversary of tears… drop…

We were able to make it possible because of the people who worked hard for us.
Above all, we managed to do it because of our fans.
I usually say this… but I’m always grateful.

I’m writing too much these days, so I will take a rest! But if you want, I’m going to do it though… it seems like many hate it so… I refrain myself!!!!

kkaeb ~ kkaebi . kkaebsong . kkaebi ru . kkyajsong . kkyakkya kkaekkae ppippi ppippi ruru
kkakka kkakka kkakka kkakka a kkakkkkyae kkyaekkyae kkyaekku ruru ruru ruru ruru ssong ~




































[From. CHANYEOL] Hi! This is your EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!

Hi! This is your EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!
Since our debut, EXO’s second anniversary had gone so very fast!!
It seem like it’s just yesterday when we met each other at the fanboard for the first year anniversary.
Time flies so very much!!!

Last year, with Wolf and Beauty, Growl, and Miracles in December, we got really an overwhelming, overwhelming love from our fans.

For me, I was so really happy in 2013! I really appreciate and thank you, thank you so much!!

It has been 4 months since we had our MID activities and in between we had the awards shows, but I miss you so much these days ㅠ ㅠ!!

Now I’m hoping to meet you soon on stage!?
Please be patient!!
I wish to still celebrate together for the next two year anniversary, fifth anniversary, the tenth anniversary and 20th anniversary!! Thanks again!! I love you!!♥
EXO’s happiness Chanyeol



































[From. BAEKHYUN] Hello. This is EXO’s Baekhyun.

Hello. I’m the one who reverse the opposite Baekhyun.

Today, I used some English terms in the memory chat.
Thanks to all your love… I want to reply more…
But due to the homepage’s overload… I can’t… can’t… can’t write…ahaing..yaha…ahahaha…kkya…has….
Well.. let’s move on to the point?!

8th of April is EXO’s 2nd year anniversary! I’ve been reminiscing our early memories since our debut!
If it weren’t for you, I’ll not really be here!
Everyone… I have always eat your love and live with it!!! gyahaing~>< yehet~!
Let’s continue to be together in the future for a very very long time! I love you, mine ♡



English Trans by: YixingShielaElisha  of @xingbaozi_trans